GDPR - Your Data

Hug Solutions Ltd t/a WalkLakes holds information about you if you use our site. This page explains what we data we hold and what your rights are.

What Data We Hold

We holds the following information about you if you use our site:

1. All visitors

Although we do track your path through our site the IP address your usage is partially anonymized so we can't trace it back to you.

2. If you register

If you register with us then we will definitely know:

  1. the username you have chosen.
  2. the password you have chosen - this is only stored using one way encryption however we still recommend using a unique password.
  3. the email address you used to register.

In addition, if you choose to add more information about yourself in your profile in the forum we will also hold that data.

3. If you purchase walk PDFs or GPXs

We take payments through PayPal so we don't have any visibility of how you pay (e.g. your bank account or card details), or indeed if the person paying is the person for whom the purchase is destined. Please contact PayPal with any queries you may have about the data which they hold.

Some data we do hold however:

  1. The name and address of the person who made payment via PayPal (sent to us via an email from PayPal).
  2. Details of all the walk PDFs and GPXs you have purchased.

4. If you use our GPX mapping

If you are logged in and you upload a GPX file or download a track or route as a GPX then we save a copy of the GPX against your username which you can reload at any time. We also show all track uploads in our track heatmap.

5. If you become a supporter of our GPX mapping

  1. Assuming that you choose to pay by PayPal then the same comments apply in relation to PayPal as for If you purchase walk PDFs or GPXs above.
  2. We record your first name, assuming that we can determine it, for the purpose of personalising the email we sent you.
  3. If you pay by a method other than a recurring payment then we record the date you will need to renew in order to continue to be a supporter.

6. If you post of our forum

If you post on our forum then we will have whatever you write there, along with any photos and GPX tracks.

7. If you contact us for any reason

We generally retain all emails we receive, either directly or via the form on our contact us page, so as a result we will store your email address, what you were contacting us about, and a variety of metadata in your email (e.g. your email client and IP address) and the same is likely to be true for other methods of contact like SMS, WhatsApp, or Facebook.

8. If you book your holiday through our site

The only data we have visibility of in relation to holidays booked through our site is, in some cases but not all, the name of the property and the dates. We have no way of linking this back to the user who made the booking.

Your Rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have the right to ask us to see the data we hold on you and also to either correct or delete your data. If you would like us to do any of these things then please contact us.

WalkLakes recognises that hill walking, or walking in the mountains, is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death.
Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.