High Tove and Armboth Fell from Thirlmere

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By Perspex3 on 08/09/19 at 7:27pm (last edited 08/09/19 at 7:56pm)

AW summarised Armboth Fell thus, '.. the flat desolate top is little better than a quagmire, a tangle of swamp and heather and mosses. It can be said of very few fells that they are not worth climbing; Armboth Fell is one of the few.'

We set out, therefore, with some trepidation and a spare pair of dry socks each. I am pleased to report that, despite the undoubtedly wet ground underfoot, we both made it back to the car park with more or less dry feet. It is possible, if you place your feet carefully, to avoid the worst of the bog. Gaiters are recommended.

The views from both summits - Armboth Fell and High Tove - are splendid, and the walk to both is short enough that you could fit in another (drier) expedition later in the day if you wanted to. There is now a reasonably distinct path on the ground heading directly towards Armboth Fell from the High Tove summit, without the need to retrace your steps for a short distance back along the main Thirlmere to Watendlath path.

Perhaps not a walk for the day after heavy rain, but the soft spongy ground does at least have the advantage of being very kind on the knees.

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