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By rockhopper on 06/01/14 at 8:59pm

Hills walked:
Beinn nam Fuaran (Corbett, Marilyn, HuMP, Yeaman, Sim, and Tump)
Cam Chreag (Corbett, Marilyn, HuMP, High Hill of Britain, Yeaman, Sim, and Tump)
Beinn a' Chaisteil (Corbett, Marilyn, HuMP, High Hill of Britain, Yeaman, Sim, and Tump)
Beinn Chaorach (Corbett, Marilyn, HuMP, Yeaman, Sim, and Tump)
Beinn Odhar (Corbett, Marilyn, HuMP, High Hill of Britain, Yeaman, Sim, and Tump)
Date started:24/03/2012
Distance:22.5 km or 14.0 miles
Ascent:2070m or 6791ft
Start OSGB:NN328331
Time taken:9:15

Corbetts: Beinn Odhar, Beinn Chaorach, Cam Chreag, Beinn nam Fuaran, Beinn a' Chaisteal
Date: Saturday 24 March 2012 Distance: 22.5km Ascent: 2,070m Attendees: me

This walk can be started where the Auch Farm Road meets the A82 at NN317355 and starting with an ascent of Beinn Odhar from the north. However, I chose to start at NN328331 as there's car space for quite a few cars.

Parked up early with no-one else around. Some low level mist and fog meant that I couldn't see the tops and whether there was any snow cover so I opted to take the ice axe and microspikes just in case - plain daft as there was no need whatsoever for them !

My SMC book mentions a cattle creep just north of the car park. I walked north for a bit, found a gate and crossed the railway line before heading south on the other side of the line - it wasn't until I was returning later that I found the cattle creep slightly further north.

I had thought about walking down the WHW until the trees start and then go up the south ridge of Beinn Odhar. Instead when I got to NN329329 the slope while steep looked walkable so I headed steeply east. This was hard on the calves so early on but became easier when I got to the south ridge.

From there it's a straightforward walk up the ridge to the summit. Views start to open up over to the west and the Ben Lui group.

There's a wee rocky outcrop on the way but easy enough to walk round it. Still some lower level mist but clearer higher up.

Got to the summit with view over to Beinn Dorain.

And again over to Ben Lui

Still early but not cold - could hear the traffic very clearly down on the A82. I could also see over to Ben Challum over the top of Beinn Chaorach.

I headed off in an ESE direction down Beinn Odhar dropping down and losing a lot of height to cross the Allt Cumhang. Have to say that the west side of Beinn Chaorach was looking rather steep, even more so than the first ascent of the day.

Proved not to be too bad although my calf muscles were really starting to feel it !

Another view towards Ben Lui

And to the north

Approaching the top I could see over to Ben Challum. There was still a fair bit of mist around which subsequently blew over the top of Beinn Chaorach but it wasn't long before I could see again.

Got the top of Beinn Chaorach - trig point but no cairn

I was wearing a new pair of boots for only the second time - the first was a relatively short walk so this was their first real test. Was finding that I had to keep stopping to retie the laces to stop my heels lifting (short but broad feet so I had to take two sizes up. Later on the balls of my feet started to get very sore but they've recovered now so I think I was lacing them too tightly - need to find a way of leaving the lower half loose but the top half tight).

Set off NE towards Cam Chreag. Clear view of Cam Chreag from just off the summit of Beinn Chaorach.

This was probably the easiest section between two hills. Not long before I was on the top of Cam Chreag with its wee cairn.

Views looking back to the west.

I was now faced with one of the longer sections of the day - the northerly walk to Beinn nam Fuaran. Headed NW then NNW down Cam Chreag's long ridge - this seemed to go on forever and I was again losing a lot of height.

View towards Beinn nam Fuaran before I dropped down to cross the Abhainn Ghlas.

And up to Beinn a' Chaisteil which would be number five

Initially started up just to the side of the Allt a' Mhaim before heading steeply north to the summit.

Over towards Beinn a' Chuirn and Beinn Mhanach

Hadn't met anyone all day until I found another walker sleeping beside the cairn - it was certainly warm and sunny. We had a long chat and he told me some stories about the hills and what you can find around here and over by Tigh nam Bodach. We then walked together SW down to the bealach and met another four walkers on their way up.

At the bealach he headed off towards Auch Glen and I started up Beinn a' Chaisteil. It was initially boggy as I followed the fence line.

Further up I could see back to Beinn nam Fuaran

Reached the top and got to the small cairn

Views over to the Bridge of Orchy munros

And down to Ben More / Stob Binnein

I was now faced with the long walk back. Initially I had to walk SE as there are steep cliffs.

Could see where I'd been earlier in the day

Got to the end of the cliffs (Creagan Liatha) and the dropped down to Glen Coralan. There's a new track here not on the map which follows the south of the Allt Coralan - saved a wee bit of time albeit that I did have to walk back down to Auch Glen.

It was then just a case of following the WHW back to the car during which I walked past the cattle creep under the railway. Enjoyable day in the hills, certainly warm but with the occasional cold breeze and some steep ascents.

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