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By rockhopper on 06/06/15 at 4:24pm

Hills walked:
Meall na Leitreach (Corbett, Marilyn, HuMP, Yeaman, Sim, and Tump)
Creag a' Mhadaidh (Marilyn, Graham, HuMP, Yeaman, Sim, and Tump)
Beinn Mholach (Corbett, Marilyn, HuMP, High Hill of Britain, Yeaman, Sim, and Tump)
Date started:05/04/2015
Distance:30.0 km or 18.6 miles
Ascent:1140m or 3740ft
Start OSGB:NN645732
Time taken:11:00

Parked in the parking area just before the level crossing at Dalnaspidal and set off just after 0500hrs.

Head torch on for the first hour or so - it was rather foggy and couldn't see much through the clouds of water droplets in the air. Still quite cold but an easy walk down the west side of Loch Garry on a good track. On reaching downstream of a waterfall, had to make a little diversion to find a way across the the Allt Coire Easan. The track got quite a bit rougher and boggier from here on but it was starting to get light as dawn arrived.

Another little detour westwards to cross the Allt Shallainn by the bridge.

Then south east towards the bothy - came across a wee cairn marking the start of the track up Beinn Mholach.

Followed the track up the hillside - marshy in places but was soon out of the mist. Sun starting to rise up out of the mist as well.

Faint fog bow.

Views clearing looking back downhill.

Soft snow here and there made the going harder at times but not too bad. There were some large snow patches but no need for winter equipment. Hills further afield starting to appear by now.

Onwards and upwards.

Some areas of deep lying snow which looked as though it could be unstable - just a case of avoiding these bits.

Hardly any wind at all - was getting very warm in the sun.

Got to the top - substantial cairn and trig point.

This must be one of the best summits for views around - clear all round. Self portrait.

Had a long stop here sitting in the sun and having some food. Realised later that should probably have brought some sun lotion.

Eventually had to get up and set off. Probably could have taken a more direct route down and round Gualann Sheileach but wasn't sure about the snow conditions having seen some deep sections on the way up. Opted to go back down the ascent route.

Nearly back at the main track could see two walkers heading back up towards Loch Garry - think they may have spent the night in Duinish bothy but didn't get down in time to meet them.

Walked round to have a look at the bothy.

Had a look inside - looked clean enough but there was a cloth on the floor which looked like mice or rats had been chewing it.

Back out of the bothy and followed the main track southwards to the east of Gualann Sheileach.


Struck off eastwards at what looked like the most suitable point towards Creag a'Mhadaidh.

Bit of boggy ground to cross but wasn't too bad. Then uphill towards some crags - turned to the right to go round them then up to the summit. No snow problems here.

Another good summit for views - stopped to sit in the sun and have some more food.

Loch Errochty

Loch Con

Back to Beinn Mholach


Headed off initially NE then more northerly towards Meall na Leitreach. Looked like there was some rather boggy ground to be crossed - turned out to be worse than originally thought. Encountered numerous peat hags - bad enough normally but as many were filled with water had no option but to go round them. Ended up going further east than planned but did manage to find a way across the allt.

Then started in a northerly direction up towards a rather large walled ruin.

There were some old traps in timber logs on the walls but they weren't baited.

Stopped for a break in the sun then started in a NW direction to avoid a hill area to the west. Came across a rather new looking hill track which wasn't on the map. Followed it for a wee while - easier way to gain height but it then started to go off in the wrong direction. Left the track and headed directly towards Meall na Leitreach.

Was too far to the east to see the Loch Meall na Leitreach but had a straightforward walk to the summit.

Now just a case of following the track back down to Dalnaspidal. Some very deep areas of snow to be avoided on the way down.

View up the A9.

Crossed the water using the pathway and met a couple who were on a daytrip walking their dog. Back at the car, got changed and drove back to Glasgow. Another walk which had taken a bit longer than planned - a mix of longer stops in the sun, not back to full fitness and being a bit tired - can't complain though on days like this. Ended up with a rather red face and neck from the sun - maybe should've taken sun cream with me after all.

By Anonymous on 06/07/15 at 10:27am

Ah the memories of winter. looking forward to the next one already.

By rockhopper on 06/07/15 at 10:57pm

Ah the memories of winter. looking forward to the next one already. Let's hope it brings less of the deep, soft snow variety....doesn't seem that long since last winter though :roll: - got caught in a snow shower on my last walk and that was mid June - cheers :)

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