Faw Side

County:Dumfries and Galloway
Classification:Dodd and Donald Dewey
(also Tump)
Maps:323(N) Explorer or 79 Landranger
Grid Ref:NY354965         Hills nearby: 5km 10km 20km
Summit:no feature: ground near fence corner
Daylight:dawn 03:46, sunrise 04:42, sunset 21:51, dusk 22:47

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4 Sykes Cottages Assessed Cottage
£1593-7552 per week
23.4km (14.5 miles) away, sleeps 14
4 Sykes Cottages Assessed Cottage
£300-1037 per week
7.7km (4.8 miles) away, sleeps 2
4 Sykes Cottages Assessed Cottage
£268-1407 per week
12.1km (7.5 miles) away, sleeps 4

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