Written on 19/12/14 by Paul Oldham

Dollywaggon Pike Revisited

You will remember that a few days ago I was talking about Dollywaggon Pike and the oddity that the Ordnance Survey used two spelling for it, so on the 1:50K maps they spell it with one "G" and on the 1:25K maps they spell it with two thus:

Dollywaggon Pike or Dollywagon Pike?

When I raised this on Twitter it was picked up by @MountainShapes who (as well as pointed out my typo!) extended the story a little further with the revelation that the old 1:63,360 1" to the mile OS maps used the two "G" spelling.

As far as I can remember the first series of 1:50K were pretty much 1:63,360 printed a bit bigger(!) so I'm slightly surprised the spelling didn't carry over. Whatever.

Anyway, you'll see that he also including @OrdnanceSurvey in his tweet and that woke them up.

So when, in our last post, I said

Anyway as Wainwright and the Database of British Hills prefer two "G"s we will be sticking to that spelling too.

it looks like we made the right decision.

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