Written on 09/12/15 by Paul Oldham

Cumbria is Open

As we're sure you know this has not been a good few days for Cumbria and the Lake District in particular. Families have lost their homes, businesses are picking themselves up after being flooded, farmers have lost stock, and local infrastructure has taken a pounding. But people bounce back. For example, Podgy Paws in Keswick, was flooded when the Greta overtopped the defences but with help from other local shop owners to clean up they re-opened yesterday.

And so this image has been circulating on social media over the last twenty four hours. We don't know who started it but we wanted to pass it on.

Cumbria is Open

As Andy McKay wrote on Facebook:

Share this far and wide. Encourage people to visit Cumbria, holiday here and shop here. Not just now but over the next few years. It is a wonderful part of the world but our economy has taken a bit of a bashing so we need your cash and your love!

The other way you can help if you're so inclined is to donate towards the Cumbria 2015 Flood Appeal, an appeal launched to raise funds to support the individuals and communities devastated by the December flooding and storms in Cumbria, which is being administered by the Cumbria Community Foundation.

Thank you.

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