Written on 31/03/17 by Paul Oldham

We've Improved Our Walk Profiles

If you use our site either to plan you own walks or to go on one of our walks then you will be aware of the walk "profiles" we generate. A profile is a graph of height versus distance along the walk (or track or route if you're using our GPS Mapping application) and it's useful for getting a feel for the sort of walk it is. Does it go up and down, or does it go up, and down a bit, and up some more. That sort of thing.

Here's an example of how it used to look. This is our walk Scafell Pike from Seathwaite via the Corridor Route, a popular alternative way of going up Scafell Pike not starting from Wasdale.

Walk 13 - old profile

That image was generated using Google Charts and we've never been wildly happy about the way they come out. Google run the profile line right to the extreme top and bottom edges of the chart and it's also very jiggly, however smooth the land really is.

So we've been working to improve our profiled and this is what you will see from now on.

Walk 13 - new profile

This is generated using some software hosted on our own server rather than Google's and we are very pleased with the results. As you can see as well as being a smoother line which is a lot more easy on the eye it doesn't run right to the edges of the chart, the axes are labelled, and it has vertical grid lines making it easier to read off a height at a distance (or vice versa).

This release also fixes a bug in the calculation of track profiles which led to there sometimes being some, relatively minor, distortion in the distance axis so that's a second improvement.

And finally, if you have purchased the Adobe/PDF versions of any of our walks then the copy in your rucksack has been updated with the new profile ready for you to download again.

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