Written on 31/12/17 by Paul Oldham

Our Walks in 3-D

Our labours on viewing maps in 3-D have now born fruit and one product of this is that just in time for the new year you can now view any of our walks in 3-D on your screen, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

The best way to demonstrate this is to show you it working so here's a video of me using it on the desktop (apologies for the audio - we really must get a better microphone). We've also had to shrink the video a bit to fit in on this blog.

In summary then if you have a mouse the controls are as follows:

You can also view our walks using a touch device such as a tablet or phone. Here I am using it on my Moto G4 Android phone.

With a touch screen the controls are as follows:

So there you have it: you can now view our walks in 3-D.

There are two caveats that we should make to this. Firstly viewing walks in 3-D uses quite a lot of data, so you may not want to do this over a mobile connection unless you have a generous data allowance.

Secondly it will only work if your device supports WebGL, which is the underlying technology we are using. If it doesn't then, instead of the two options to view the walk in 3-D, you will be offered one option to view it on Google Earth which will work if you have Google Earth installed on your device.

Catbells walk in 3D

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