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Glover Landscape Review

The Glover Landscape Review is the Government's independent review of England's National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make your views known on the future of our National Parks and AONBs and how they are run so if you have views on this we would urge you to get involved and to feed in your own comments directly.

Silver How across Grasmere

The review, led by writer Julian Glover, will also explore how access to these beloved landscapes can be improved, how those who live and work in them can be better supported, and their role in growing the rural economy. When launching the review he said:

Our protected landscapes are England's finest gems and we owe a huge debt to past generations who had the wisdom to preserve them.

The system they created has been a strength, but it faces challenges too. It is an honour to be asked to find ways to secure them for the future. I can't wait to get started and learn from everyone who shares an interest in making England's landscapes beautiful, diverse and successful.

As part of the response process, there is also an option for you to submit an image illustrating what is special to you about a National Park or AONB. This provides an exciting opportunity for us all to demonstrate what these landscapes mean to us.

With a deadline for submissions on 18th December, the review will report next year, 70 years after the landmark National Parks Act 1949 that established National Parks in England and it will consider all aspects of England's National Parks and AONBs.

Mosedale, Black Crag and Pillar

The Friends of the Lake District have an excellent set of pages explaining in detail what the review is about, what they think the priorities are, and how to submit your response so if you want to get involved then head over there.

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