Written on 07/05/23 by Paul Oldham

A Happy Lake District Story

Over on reddit this week someone posted in the /r/LakeDistrict sub asking for help identifying an old photo of a man with his arm raised on the hill overlooking a pair of lakes and the poster asked "Is this picture taken in the Lake District?".

They said:

Ok so I know this is a long shot, but a bit of background. My grandpa sadly passed away last July and ever since I've been wanting to visit his favourite places. I have a feeling this picture was taken in the lakes (Catbells walk, with derwent water in the background) and my grandma seems to think so too. I know the quality isn't great but I've tried to match it up to other peoples pictures to confirm. (My aim is to try and have my picture taken here, too).

A lot of redditors, us included, identified it as being taken about here on Silver How looking east towards Grasmere with Rydal Water in the background.

Yesterday the redditor made a follow up post with the original photo and one of here:

She'd found the location and had her photo taken on exactly the same rocks in the same pose.

What a lovely way to remember her grandpa.

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