Written on 23/03/13 by Paul Oldham

Walk Section Maps

This week we completed our programme of upgrading our older walks so that all our walks now include a map for each section of the walk as well as an overall map of the route at the top.

So for example our walk Robinson, Hindscarth and Dale Head - A Half Newlands has an overall map which looks like this:

Walk 51 - overall walk map

but it also has maps for each step. For example the map for stage two, from Robinson to Hindscarth, looks like this:

Walk 51 - stage 2 map

This, along with our walk profiles, have helped improve all of our walks making them easier to easier to follow and easier to pick the one you want.

Walk height profile

height in metres, distance in kilometres - note that gradients are usually exaggerated

All of this we've achieved with the help of the Ordnance Survey's OS OpenData™ products, for which we are very grateful.

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