A Scout Scar Amble

Just to the west of Kendal is a precipitous limestone escarpment which looks out westwards over the Lyth Valley beyond. This is Scout Scar, from the Underbarrow Road it is a short and excellent stroll, or an unhurried amble.

The unsurprisingly named Mushroom topped cross-wall shelter gives a little respite from a bitter winter breeze. On a clear day the toposcope along the inner rim of the cap directs the eye to the fells. Green islands of juniper dot the landscape with spiky leaves which seem immune to the grazing of fluffy black cows. Only a few trees stand tall against the wind.

Over the edge of the escarpment the views are stunning, sun filtering through thick winter clouds make for fleeting and dramatic lighting. Looking out to Morecambe Bay, Heysham power station could be seen on the skyline, but not Blackpool tower on the day we were there.

The Mushroom is the summit of the fell according to Wainwright in his Outlying Fells book. There is another top about 270m (297 yards) north which although is marginally higher has no interesting feature.

Park at the car park just over the summit of the Underbarrow Road having climbed out of Kendal, not the first car park on the right directly under the mast, but carry on just round the corner to the second one.