Cumbria Way

Cumbria Way - Caldbeck to Carlisle

Important note: The Sebergham - Bell Bridge collapsed at the end of Jan 2016 due to damage sustained during flooding in previous month during Storm Desmond. As a result south of Sebergham you need to stay on the west side of the River Caldew between Browtop and Bell Bridge, taking the minor road past Greenfoot and New House, to Bell Bridge where you can rejoin the Cumbria Way.

The fifth and final section of the Cumbria Way is quite long but is easy walking. It starts at the lovely village of Caldbeck on the edge of the northern fells. Walking through fields and woods alongside Cald Beck, and then our old friend the River Caldew that featured in the previous section is an uncomplicated delight. The walk changes once the outskirts of Dalston are reached at Bridge End. Tarmac, industry and then the city of Carlisle give the end of the Cumbria Way a distinctly different feel.

Escape from the route may be made at Sebergham only on Wednesdays! Otherwise a regular bus service operates from Dalston to Carlisle. Carlisle railway station is on the west coast main line for onward travel and the Cumbrian Coastal line to return to Ulverston via the scenic route. It is also a major bus hub.