Binsey is a nice little hill, and that's not to damn it with faint praise. It's often said that to see the big hills in all their glory go to a smaller neighbour. That's very true here. Looking around from the summit much of the North of Skiddaw group is laid out, as well as the spine of Ullock Pike, Longside Edge. In the distance are the hills above Whinlatter, and west to Buttermere. Northwards to Scotland, the hills of Dumfries and Galloway are visible across the Solway Firth. In fact standing on its own, as it does, gives fantastic 360° views.

Birkett suggests a circular walk, but here we stick to the main path with just an out and back. You're free to explore all over the hill of course, but since this was surveyed in June with nesting bird restrictions we didn't want Jessie disturbing too much wildlife with a yomp amongst the bracken and heather.

There is a small parking spot on the 'yellow' minor road beside Binsey lodge, enough for a couple of cars.