Written on 13/04/23 by Paul Oldham

No More Accommodation Adverts

Ever since we began our adventure with this web site we have relied on property adverts to cover some of the costs. So every walk page and every hill page has featured a banner somewhere in it showing properties near that location.

So for example on our walk The Old Keswick Railway Line and Latrigg it looked like this:

Adverts shown on walk 4

We've never been very happy with these adverts not least because our suspicion is that most people come to our web site after they've booked their accommodation, not before, so it's of limited value to them and it also spoils the look of our pages.

So we've now dropped our accommodation adverts. The only thing we have retained is the Accommodation option in the top menu as some people will still find it useful but we've made it a lot simpler and we've also added a new camping page there with links and advice on camping in the Lake District which we think some people might find helpful.

So where does that leave us with funding the site? Well, as before, you can still donate but we've recently introduced a new feature where you can click a button to buy us a coffee as a way of thanking us for the walk we've found for you and that's working quite well and we also get some income from our GPS mapping app supporters.

And hopefully you'll find our site useful enough that you too will want to buy us a coffee ...

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