Dovedale to Milldale and back via Baley Hill

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By Graywoodhouse on 28/03/24 at 4:41pm (last edited 28/03/24 at 4:44pm)

Hills walked:
Baley Hill (Tump)
Date started:03/06/2021
Distance:12.9 km or 8.0 miles
Ascent:517m or 1696ft
Descent:521m or 1709ft
Start OSGB:SK147510
Time taken:3:23

My son regularly used to attend cycle training camps at Darley Moor circuit, leaving me with hours to kill in the Peak District! This is a walk I did a few times, through the crowds and across the stepping stones in Dovedale to Milldale with a diversion to the lovely and quiet Baley Hill on the way back.

By TallPaul on 28/03/24 at 4:47pm

Heh, and Milldale is where my father proposed to my mother in ... errr ... 1957 or thereabouts. She's no longer with us but he still lives in a house called 'Milldale' after that event.

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