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By pistolrider on 14/01/14 at 8:49am (last edited 14/01/14 at 4:50pm)

Date started:11/01/2014
Distance:8.3 km or 5.2 miles
Ascent:313m or 1027ft
Start OSGB:SK261501
Time taken:4:00

It was an early start as we set off from home to The peak District. As we passed the Roaches on the Leek to Buxton, there was a heavy snow storm and Paula became worried that after such a long time, she would not be able to cope on the hill in those conditions.

Anyway when we arrived at Ladybower the weather had improved, so we set off. We crossed Yorkshire Bridge and started up the footpath. It was muddy, very steep and there was a drop on one side into a stream. Not easy for Paula as she has a problem with heights.

After a slow ascent we arrived at the summit of Win Hill.

]( We left the summit along a good track which pleased Paula and headed towards the forestry at the head of the reservoir, with fine views over Lose Hill, Back Tor, Hollins Cross and Mam Tor.
]( In the background we could see Kinder Scout with a covering of snow.
]( We descended into the forestry and along the side of the Ladybower Reservoir, eventually crossing the dam and back to the car.
]( It was really nice to get back on the hill with Paula and hope this is just the start of more days together. Maybe with more days on the hill and improved fitness we will be able to get out there and do some bigger days out.

By TallPaul on 14/01/14 at 10:06am

Aha, well done, you've worked out how to post those photos correctly thissen. I was just about to DM you. I assume that's Mrs Pistolrider?

By pistolrider on 14/01/14 at 3:25pm

Yep! That's Paula.........Not looking at her best, as she hasn't done any hill walking since I used to take her out on the hill, before the kids came along. The eldest is now 24 years old!!!!

I knew how to post photos, as I've done it before but that was about a million years ago. The brain cells that contained that information have since died and so it took me a while to work out what I needed to do to get more than a couple of photo's in each report.

There's no stopping me now!

By TallPaul on 16/01/14 at 2:16pm

There's no stopping me now!

Be afraid, be very afraid. ;)

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