Mam Tor & the Great Ridge in snow

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By SheepFarmer on 22/04/17 at 12:33pm

Hills walked:
Mam Tor (Dodd, Dewey, Ethel, and Tump)
Barker Bank (Tump)
Lose Hill (Ethel and Tump)
Date started:21/11/2015
Distance:11.0 km or 6.8 miles
Ascent:433m or 1421ft
Descent:412m or 1352ft
Start OSGB:SK122854
Time taken:3:07

This walk was a morning back in November 2015 after there had been snow overnight. It is the Great Ridge Walk from Mam Tor to Lose Hill & back in my case.

GPS Track

Parking was just down from Mam Nick on the Edale side in one of the few pull offs. The first stretch after the road is always disappointing for me with steps & handrail - Ok I'll admit it may be a post & rail fence.

Anyway conditions under foot where reasonable due to the cold dryness and although the snow was slowly thinning it was through sublimation rather than melting. With the wind things felt absolutely bitter even with gloves. And on this day Mam Tor's alternate name of the Shivering Mountain seemed very applicable although it actually refers to its numerous landslips rather than the temp. But for anyone thinking of walking up Mam Tor although it may not seem much of a hill - especially when you've driven most of the way up, due to its exposed position it catches the weather and so is always much colder than down below even in summer.

Pic 1- Mam Tor (right of centre) taken from between Castleton & the bottom of the Winnats

Pic 2 - The southern slopes of Kinder from Parking spot below Mam Nick

Pic 3- Looking Eldon Hill way from Mam Nick

Pic 4- Approaching the summit of Mam Tor

Pic 5 - Looking over the head of Edale towards Crowden & Jacobs Ladder from Mam Tor

Pic 6- Looking back towards Mam Tor from halfway on to Hollins Cross

pic 7 - same position looking on along the ridge to Lose Hill

pic 8- from Hollins Cross looking back along the ridge - can you see the butterfly?

Pic 9 - slightly further on looking back again.

Pic 10- looking up Back Tor

Pic 11 - another shoot of Kinder from the top of back Tor

Pic 12 - Win Hill sticking up into the dusted landscape from Lose Hill

Pic 13 - Looking back where I'd come along taken from Lose Hill

Pic 14 - Looking towards Grindslow Knoll & Brook from Lose Hill

Pic 15 - Looking back at the ridge and its Southern flanks having come back to Mam Tor

Pic 16 - Dropping to Mam Nick with the start of Rushup Edge ahead.

Afterwards it was a slow drive down to a pub in Edale for lunch, before another walk.

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