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By Lancashire Lad on 17/01/18 at 4:39pm

Just discovered that the Climber's Shop (Ambleside) webcam is back up and running - looks like they've installed a new one inside the shop. To my mind, nowhere near as good a mountain view as their previous "temperamental :roll: " one, but still might come in handy: -

Also, a couple I hadn't known of previously: -

Honister mines cam -showing Fleetwith Pike etc.: -

Castlerigg Hall cam - looking towards Causey Pike, Grisedale Pike, etc. (At least I'm pretty sure that's the view :oops: Very murky-misty weather, and in night vision b/w mode at the time of my viewing !): -

I think these last two would make good additions to the already very useful webcams page, (that I regularly visit!), on WalkLakes.

Regards, Mike.

By TallPaul on 17/01/18 at 4:48pm

Thanks Mike. I've turned the Climber's Shop back on, with a new image (on their site the image is being displayed stretched vertically for some off reason).

I'll add the other two later when the weather is a bit better so I can get a better sample image ;-)

By TallPaul on 29/01/18 at 12:40pm

And I've now (finally) added Castlerigg and Honister to

The latter fills a gap nicely, although the camera lens needs cleaning at the moment! I'll mail them. I've also updated the sample images from the two Keswick Computers webcams as it's sunnier today.

By Lancashire Lad on 10/02/18 at 1:45pm

Another useful webcam discovered on the Wadale Inn website!

The image looks towards Great Gable and Kirk Fell, with Great Napes crags prominent on Great Gable. (Not showing the best of images today, as I type this, due to low lying mist/rain, but on a clear day it's a very good view of the two fells in question).

It's not a live streaming image, but the image on screen is update hourly.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a direct "URL address" for the webcam itself, and it can only be accessed (by me at least :oops: ), by visiting the Wasdale Inn website: - and then clicking on the Webcam & Weather tab at the bottom of the Index list at left hand side of the homepage.

I think this cam would make a very useful addition to the WalkLakes website, as it covers a gap in the current WalkLakes webcams arsenal, and the image is of one of Lakeland's more iconic fells.

Just wondering (Paul?), if there's any way that you might be able to obtain a direct hyperlink to this webcam? i.e. whether Wasdale Inn might be able to sort something out with you if you were to contact them?

I'm sure that Wasdale Inn would have to agree that having their webcam present on WalkLakes would be giving them some potentially useful advertising, if nothng else! :lol:

Regards, Mike.

EDIT: - Just found this webpage: - which shows a large number of Lake District webcams. - many of which are already on WalkLakes. The Wasdale Inn webcam (with a good thumbnail image of the cam's view on a much better day) is amongst them).

Maybe one or two of the others could be useful on WalkLakes too?

By TallPaul on 11/02/18 at 10:57am

Thanks for that. I've added Wasdale Head Inn which fills in a bit of a hole in our map. As for Visit Cumbria's page as you say we've got a lot of them already and a couple I've just looked at which we don't have are broken.

I fear they're not doing what we do: every four weeks I go around all the webcams we have and mail the owners if they're offline. Then four weeks after that if they're still online I take them off the site.

By Lancashire Lad on 28/06/18 at 3:50pm

Another "live feed" webcam that might be of interest can be found at the Activus Outdoors" website: - ... r-station/

Shows the Coledale Fells - unfortunately, quite a small viewing window, although it can be clicked on to then open up as a new, slightly enlarged window.

The initial page also has a digital weather station, with various information showing - somewhat similar to the weather station info that can be found by this link: - ... r-station/ on the Low Wood Bay webcam page. NB: The outside temperature reading showing on the Low Wood Bay weather station is obviously incorrect. - Looks like the sensor is broken, as it's been stuck on 10.4ºc for several days now.

Regards, Mike.

By TallPaul on 29/06/18 at 8:43am

Thanks Mike, I've added it to the webcams page.

By Lancashire Lad on 23/01/19 at 10:36am

Another webcam that might be of interest.

Not a live feed, but the image refreshes every fifteen minutes.

Shows the view from the Langstrath Country Inn at Stonethwaite, (Borrowdale), looking up the valley towards Long Band & Eagle Crag: -

Regards, Mike.

By TallPaul on 23/01/19 at 11:04am

Actually that one's an old friend - we first added it back in Feb 2014 - but it went offline in July 2017 so we took it off our webcams page. Anyway thanks for the heads up. I've put it back on the page (with a new, snowy, image).

By Lancashire Lad on 23/01/19 at 1:20pm

Might also be worth noting, in case people aren't aware, that besides the Lakeside Webcam, Windermere Lake Cruises also have "real-time" webcams at Waterhead Pier (Ambleside), and Bowness.

The webcam at Bowness offers a fixed view towards Ambleside, with part of the Fairfield Horseshoe on the horizon: -

The webcam at Waterhead Pier, much like the one at Lakeside, "auto rotates" to give a repeating sequence of views. ... ide-webcam

One of those views being the superb scene across Windermere to Lingmoor, Crinkle Crags, & Bowfell: -

eg. a screenshot from a few minutes ago: -

Regards, Mike.

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