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By beth on 03/08/12 at 2:21pm

A forum for all your walking related discussions, new member introductions, and things that don't belong in a walk report.

By pete_rbg on 24/02/13 at 2:05pm

Hi from me

Thought I'd do the decent thing and drop in to say 'Hi' to the good folk here.

I'm off to Coniston next weekend with a motley crew from another inter-web site.

Keep up the good work Beth!

By beth on 24/02/13 at 2:13pm

Thanks Pete! Phew it worked :) I'm hoping to get enough work done to join you all for a walk at Coniston but I need to get a bit more productive this week - hence I haven't nailed my colours to the mast yet. Twould be good to put some faces to names.


By pete_rbg on 24/02/13 at 5:04pm

Coniston weekend

... Twould be good to put some faces to names.


Or not :oops: ...

... But it would be good if you could make it at some point over the weekend. I think Skip's plan for Saturday is where Taz and I will be at. But nothing planned for Sunday yet. Taz has the ability to post from her phone (I don't), so she could keep you 'in the frame' with regards to what's happenin'.

Guess it depends on how your week pans out and what time peeps decide to get up Sunday morning!

By beth on 25/02/13 at 10:37am
:D Yeah I need a few productive days to get the last two weeks written up, Monday morning syndrome is not currently helping! Oh well, we'll see what happens. B.
By ScoutScarShuffler on 15/10/16 at 9:29pm

Just found this site and registered, so I thought I would blow the cobwebs off of this thread and say HI :D and that I think that the site looks good and could be very useful, thanks to all concerned

By Deblk on 09/02/18 at 8:30am

Just thought I would pop in and say hello and a big thank you you to Owner/Admin for all their hard work setting up this site. All I need to do is to fathom out how to use it :D

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