Should GPX uploaded to GPS Mapping update Rucksack?

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By Jandy on 25/05/24 at 1:40pm

I have uploaded a GPX Track we completed recently to GPS mapping. It shows up on the overlay 'Your Track Heatmap'. I was expecting it to add the 2 Outlying Fells included in the walk to our Rucksack Hill Statistics. It has not done this. Is it supposed to? I thought it would. Have I missed something?
The GPX file date is 19/5/24

By TallPaul on 25/05/24 at 1:50pm (last edited 25/05/24 at 1:50pm)

It can do that if you're a supporter. It's an option in "Settings". Look for 'Track load offers to update your log book'.

But I think you have it turned off at the moment.

By Jandy on 25/05/24 at 3:46pm

Ah, yes so I did! Goodness me this stuff is good :) Seems to work fine now! Thank You

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