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By TallPaul on 07/12/13 at 10:11am

We've added a new option to the mapping menu which will tell you how many tiles you've used today, broken down by tile type and zoom level (0 being the smallest scale where the whole of the UK is visible). Here's an example:

Sample screen shot

By pistolrider on 01/01/14 at 8:38am

OK Paul, all very interesting but you need to help me out here......please remember that some of us, here (and this includes me) only have normal (or slightly reduced) brain capacity.

So here's a few questions to help me understand what is going on.

What is a tile? How many tiles make up the whole map? Do I use more tiles if I scroll across the map, from one area to another? Does route planning on the maps affect the number of tiles used? How can I help reduce the tile usage but still get the same results? Is the Pope a Catholic? :?

You may wish to expand on this but don't get too technical(See first line of this post) :lol:

By TallPaul on 01/01/14 at 10:54am

A bit of pre-amble will help I think. The mapping on WalkLakes uses three distinct tile servers. You can tell which it's using by looking at the logo bottom left:

When using the GPS mapping you're only using tiles from the second and third servers and as we own the second there's no problem with people using as many tiles as needed from that. We do however have to watch our usage of Bing tiles as we have an (annual) usage allowance.

So, to answer your questions:

You may wish to expand on this but don't get too technical(See first line of this post) :lol:

Too late for that I fear. :)

  1. A route describes where you are intending to go, point by point. For more information click here.

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