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By Matthewdl on 25/11/15 at 2:56pm

Is it just me or has the function to select where the GPS map is directed to at the start of "GPS mapping", by selecting a location and clicking "Go", has ceased to function since the new "log on" process started?

By beth on 25/11/15 at 3:35pm

Yeah, despite our efforts at checking everything, afraid it is broken at the moment. We're working on it. Beth

By TallPaul on 25/11/15 at 3:54pm

This was a consequence of the change we made today to convert the site from HTTP to HTTPS/SSL to make it more secure.

Thanks for the report and I've fixed it I think - it certainly now works again in Firefox and Chrome on WalkLakes which it had stopped doing before.

If you're interested in the technicalities the issues was that in order to "go" somewhere (and also to do other things, like work out the statistics of a track1 or route) the mapping application tells your browser to make requests to our API server. The problem was that it was still doing that via HTTP not HTTPS/SSL which is a security issue and so you got an error "Blocked loading mixed active content" in the JavaScript error log and it refused to make the call.

So I enabled HTTPS/SSL on the API server and switched to making requests via HTTPS/SSL from WalkLakes and all is now well.

  1. A track records where you have been and when you were there. For more information click here.

By Matthewdl on 28/11/15 at 1:05pm

Many thanks. Matthew.

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