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By Ejuk on 01/05/16 at 9:25am

hi Paul, just joined as a 'supporter' as I find your web site an excellent starting point for my Wainright bagging.

I use your suggested walking routes extensively and want to suggest a new functionality. If a walk only covers one or two peaks then it's not a problem to log them manually, however i think it would be a neat function to be able to do a single click on a walk to indicate it has been done, and that would then result in logging of all peaks on the walk. Seems to me it shouldn't be too hard? (But then I'm no IT guy!)

Regards ej

By TallPaul on 01/05/16 at 9:46am

Firstly glad to have you on board. It's always nice to get new supporters signing up.

As for your suggestion yes, that's a really good idea and as we already have the data of precisely which tops the walk takes in it should be fairly easy for me to add. I shall make it so.

(And apologies to supporters that new enhancements have been a bit slow for the last couple of months: we've been moving house and hence business so we've been a bit distracted. But we're into the new house and unpacking now so hopefully things will start to return to normal soon - I know Beth is champing to get back up on the fells anyway ;) )

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