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By ThinArthur on 22/05/16 at 9:28am

Hello, Is there anyway to increase the thickness of the route/track displayed on a map? I sometimes find it a bit hard to pick out. Kind regards,


By TallPaul on 22/05/16 at 6:25pm

Good idea. I'd like to make the colour user configurable too.

By ThinArthur on 22/05/16 at 10:35pm

Thanks TallPaul. Any enhancements of that nature that you can make would be great. Regards,


By saraofglencoe on 25/05/17 at 7:04am

These previous comments are a year old, but it doesn't look as if TallPaul has had time to do this yet. I would also love to be able to increase the thickness of the route lines on the map - I take a screen shot of the page and add it to my digital photo album of the walk and the route line is currently rather thin.
Yours hopefully....

By TallPaul on 27/05/17 at 1:10pm

My apologies: I'd not added this to the "to do" list. Anyway, now done and it's on the live system. Here's a screen shot of it in action where I've just changed the track1 colour to a rather lurid green and made it a lot wider.

Screen shot

These settings are retained across sessions. You can reset them to the default width and colour values at any time by pressing the appropriate "reset" button.

  1. A track records where you have been and when you were there. For more information click here.

By saraofglencoe on 27/05/17 at 3:58pm

Perfect! Thanks very much :D

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