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By TallPaul on 29/08/16 at 5:17pm

Over in the Supporters forum ThinArthur wrote:

You've asked previously for suggestions for enhancements. One thought I've had for a feature that I would be moderately interested in, but potentially others much more so, would be the ability to log trig points in much the same way as the feature you have enabled to log tops (which is excellent).

Ooooh, that's a thought: it's really no different to a top so the same software could handle most of it. And the OS seem to be promoting trig point bagging at the moment.

I'd suggest a key audience and source of the necessary database would be here:

I think I can do better than that: it seems that that site relies on for its database of trig points. I've not looked at the data yet but allegedly I get OSGB grid reference or WGS-84 for each which would be enough to get us started.

Anyway, looks good, I'll add it to the list.

Which reminds me I came up with another idea yesterday. I'll post that here next.

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