can any body help me i have an apple watch

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By Ricky Gardiner on 23/05/17 at 12:40am

i have an apple watch and im trying to find out if mapping is compatable with it ?

By TallPaul on 23/05/17 at 9:00am

Our GPX mapping application won't run on it (does the watch even have a web browser?) but on your desktop or laptop you can create GPX routes with our application, download them to your phone, and then you should be able to navigate them using your watch and phone.

We don't use Apple products here but I'm sure there will be a variety applications which will let you do that. Certainly ViewRanger will.

By pwb999 on 18/10/18 at 5:32pm

One app that works very well on the Apple Watch is OS LOCATE. It uses the internal GPS chip built into the Watch Series 3 and displays the OS 6 figure grid reference in the same minimalist way that the Android or IOS version works. In fact I would say its better as its on your wrist and much clearer display than a smartphone. A perfect example of KISS principle.

Also if you activate the Apple standard Workout app and choose Hiking it will record your track via its GPS with height, heart rate, calories burnt etc etc.

Hope this helps Peter B.

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