Unable to Save Routes as GPX Files

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By Happy Tramp on 12/06/17 at 5:43pm

When I click on the link to save a route as a gpx file it is being saved as a 'File' rather than as a 'GPS Exchange File' and I am unable to open it. Any suggestions to resolve this problem please?

By TallPaul on 12/06/17 at 5:58pm

Some people find that their browser doesn't put a .gpx extension on the end of the file for them (but others do, and we've not been able to work out why it does this for some people and not for others) so I suspect it's that and you've saved the route1 as route_name rather than route_name.gpx - could that be the problem?

If not then can you tell me:

  1. What operating system you're using?

  2. What browser you used to save the route?

  3. What software you're using to try to open the route?

And I'll see if I can do any more to help. Thanks.

  1. A route describes where you are intending to go, point by point. For more information click here.

By Happy Tramp on 12/06/17 at 6:02pm

Hi Paul, Never had a problem in the past....only started today. Windows 10 Firefox Easygps Thanks

By TallPaul on 12/06/17 at 6:25pm

Well, I think the problem was that it was saving it without the .gpx extension. I've added additional "hinting" to try to help the browser do the right thing. Try it again now.

By Happy Tramp on 12/06/17 at 6:30pm

Well done Paul...it now works a treat! Thanks for your help.

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