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By TallPaul on 11/09/17 at 9:48am

We've got a new release of the WayMaps tiles out today. Details here. We try to build a new release fairly regularly as the underlying data from which the tiles are built, especially from OpenStreetMap, is changing constantly (not least because we are updating it outselves ;) ). There's a couple of highlights to this release however:

One interesting thing that we did discover while looking at that crossing which I thought I'd mention here. On the OS OpenSpace server, which we use over at (assuming the users haven't consumed 65,000 tiles that day) the crossing is still shown as under construction on the 1:50K tiles* and is marked "Due to open Early 2017". I'm not really surprised, I'd expect OS to be a little slower updating their tiles.

But here's the interesting thing, if you are logged into our GPS mapping and using the "OS (BIng)" tiles it's shown as "Due to open Mid 2016". So it looks like Bing are serving an older set of Ordnance Survey tiles. How much older we can't be sure and it's probably not a problem for walking as conditions on the ground generally don't change that fast but I thought I'd just mention it here and we will be keeping an eye on this.

* It's currently not shown at all on the higher zoom level tiles, but that may be because they only show open roads on those zoom levels.

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