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By Jalanto on 23/07/18 at 4:43pm

I have many uses for recording Waypoints on my eTrex. Eg for taking me back to my parked car on a large car park. Also, it can be used to mark a useful object on the ground, perhaps a stile or a milestone.

Am I right in thinking that it is not possible to upload a waypoint to the GPS Mapping on WalkLakes? If they can't be uploaded, I can't see them on my laptop screen.

If I'm correct, could you consider making it possible. :idea:

By TallPaul on 24/07/18 at 10:13am

You are correct: it is not possible to upload a waypoint to the GPS Mapping on WalkLakes.

Having said that we could add the ability both to import waypoints from a loaded GPX file and to export waypoints created within the mapping application to a GPX file, as we do with routes and tracks.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will add it to the list.

By Cooleyman on 06/04/21 at 8:27am

Was the feature added? I would find it useful but cannot see how to do it.

By TallPaul on 06/04/21 at 10:10am

Not as yet. I've just embarked on my second total rewrite of the mapping app, both to use a somewhat later release of OpenLayers but also to be able to exploit the tiles Ordnance Survey are making available via their new API which is replacing OpenSpace so it will appear in that at some point ... but not soon.

I need to have a first working release of the new software out soon though as OpenSpace expires completely in August.

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