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By SheepFarmer on 26/08/18 at 7:56am

The 3D aerial view has stopped working for me. 3D map works fine but the 3D aerial loads the 2d square with track on, then seems to think it's finished and doesn't elevate but the movement controls work. Clearing browsing data & trying in Firefox rather than Chrome has no effect.

By TallPaul on 26/08/18 at 8:07am

That's curious as it's definitely working here, both in the GPS mapping app and in walk descriptions.

Are you using an ad blocker by any chance? Beth had problems a few days ago with Ad Block Plus interfering with 3D mapping. Disabling it fixed it. I didn't get this with uBlock Origin BTW, but I've had problems with other sites in the past with ad blockers interfering with JavaScript on a web site.

By SheepFarmer on 06/09/18 at 10:02am

I still haven't found the cause of them not working yet, have tried using Edge, removing add blocker, restoring whole system back to a March image but no luck. Booted to Linux Lite on a USB stick but maps or aerial crash the PC before fully loading. Working on finalising my walking holiday plans now so will have to wait.

By beth on 06/09/18 at 5:44pm

I've just tried it with Edge on a Windows10 VM, which worked fine.

When you're back could you try again. Open the developer tools. On Firefox it's Web Developer -> Web Console. Copy everything after the line with "THREE.WebGLRenderer 87" on it and paste it here or email us.


By SheepFarmer on 07/09/18 at 1:52pm

Few days to go before I disappear, so still fiddling, This is what I get -

Loading failed for the <script> with source "". waymaps3d.php:1 THREE.WebGLRenderer 87 three.js:2:386029

Although I get the same result for the working 3D map.

By beth on 14/09/18 at 11:20am

It should burst back into life again. Apologies for breaking it!

By SheepFarmer on 17/09/18 at 1:10pm

Back now, tried it & yep its working :D

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