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By TallPaul on 08/05/19 at 7:46am

There's long been an issue with the GPX mapping application to do with how it remembers the position and zoom level you were on last time. Normally it returns to the same place and zoom when the application is re-loaded however if you had it open in multiple browser tabs or windows then, on reload, all the maps returned to one place and zoom: the one you last moved to in one of the tabs.

This was frustrating, especially if you had to restart the browser for some reason, so we've now updated the software so that it remembers the position and zoom level of each tab individually.

Oh, and If you open a new tab and start the application then it positions and zooms to the same position as the map on the last tab you moved or re-loaded.

By TallPaul on 08/05/19 at 7:47am

Now that we've (finally!) completed the move to the new server and new forum software we hope to be spending more time on improving the mapping application.

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