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By Lancashire Lad on 18/05/19 at 7:41pm


Just been having a look at WalkLakes 3D mapping, for the area containing the GPX track of my Blencathra, Mungrisdale Common, Skiddaw walk.

I'm assuming that it is the GPX track itself which determines the specific map "tiles" to be rendered in the 3D view?

In this particular instance, the Waymaps 3d map view shows a reasonable area around the "outside" of the track walked, but the 3D aerial view ends (near Skiddaw) very close to the actual track walked.

It looks like I almost walked off the end of the world at that point. :lol: :lol: - screenshots below: -

Maybe I'm asking for something that can't be accommodated, but might it be possible for the tiles rendered in such cases to always include at least one extra full tile around the outside of any GPX track walked?


By beth on 18/05/19 at 11:11pm

Hi Mike.

The GPX determines what tiles, and what zoom level is used. IIRC it's quite simplistic in it's determination. I'm busy tomorrow but I'll take a proper look at it during the week.

In the meantime you can go up to the top right hand corner of the screen and click on the "Open Controls". That'll pop open a little menu where you can change zoom level in and out. Selecting 8 in the zoom pull-down will give you a wider field of map.

By Lancashire Lad on 19/05/19 at 12:30pm

Thanks Beth.

I hadn't appreciated that altering the zoom level via the controls "panel" actually affected the number of tiles rendered.

My normal method for zooming is via mouse wheel. (Which allows the track to be enlarged to best fit the computer screen, but it doesn't change the default "software set" zoom level).

I've tried what you suggest which certainly helps the situation.

Basically I'm trying to create fully oblong 3D views of the track(s) walked, without any of the blank black areas appearing towards the edges of the oblongs (as they do in the two screenshots above).

I like to use these 3D views in PDF's which I make up for walks done, and feel that they look so much better when there's no blank black area showing around the edges.

In this instance I've been able to now get the views I wanted by setting zoom level to 8 as you suggest - (As per the two views below).

(I also tried again, by setting the zoom level to 7, but at that level, although it renders more map area outside of the track walked, it is noticeable that the map's text starts to become blurred, and the GPX track itself becomes much more pronounced and less "smooth", when the view is then zoomed in by mouse wheel to make best use of the full screen).


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