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By TallPaul on 04/05/20 at 1:48pm

Back in 2015 we added an OS bench marks layer to the GPS mapping application, originally only for supporters but now for all users. It shows you the original location (they're no longer used and many have since disappeared) of all Ordnance Survey benchmarks.

Last October Lancashire Lad reported that the web site we were relying on for descriptions of the types of bench mark had been taken down. I did speak to the author, John Talbot, about this and he said he's put it back for us but he's not done that so I've now taken his text from the copy at on the Internet Archive and reworked that into our our Bench Marks page which also includes photos of examples of some of the types, taken by us, Lancashire Lad, and Geograph photographers.

The bench mark popup in the GPS mapping application now links to that page.

(Oh yes, and I've also renamed "benchmark" to "bench mark" everywhere as the latter seems to be Ordnance Survey's preferred spelling ... most of the time.)

By agentmancuso on 07/05/20 at 9:20pm

This looks really handy!

By Lancashire Lad on 22/08/21 at 5:52pm


A question for Paul, if I may: -

I regularly use the WalkLakes GPS mapping page (with Bench Marks layer enabled), in order to find the locations of the various bench mark which I might see along routes that I intend to walk.

I normally copy, (in the form of a paper list), the information detailed in the "pop-up" info box, which appears when any given bench mark, (as per example below), is clicked on; -

And I refer to that paper list as I make progress along the particular walk.

On many of my walks, there may be the possibility of finding a considerable number of bench marks, which, in turn, requires quite a lengthy list.

My question is this: -
When viewing the bench mark information given in the pop-up info boxes as above, the ability to directly copy that information (by highlighting the text and right clicking to copy & paste) is disabled, and so all of the text has to be physically typed out in order to produce my list.

I'm not sure whether "enabling" that function would be "an easy fix", or whether it would have any other consequences that can't be allowed on the website.
But if copy and paste of text from these bench mark info boxes could be enabled, it would save much typing, and thus be very useful to me,


By TallPaul on 22/08/21 at 7:03pm (last edited 22/08/21 at 7:05pm)

Well, as you know, I'm in the middle (well, actually, well past the middle now!) of re-writing the app to use Leaflet as its back end.

The current popup box is an artefact of the old back end, OpenLayers, but in the rewrite I'll be using the popup provided by Leaflet and I've just checked and it appears to do what you're looking for in that it allows copying of the text.

See this demo from our company site. There the popup is open by default and I can copy the text in it and paste it here thus:

Hello world! I am on Latrigg.

So, yes you can have that for free when I add it to the app ... and adding layers is next on my list of features to port over after I've done offering to update your log book from a uploaded track1.

  1. A track records where you have been and when you were there. For more information click here.

By Lancashire Lad on 23/08/21 at 9:02am

Hi Paul,

As ever, many thanks for your swift reply!

The demo pop-up text allows exactly what I 'm looking for. - I look forward to when you can implement it.

One of these days I'll have to get a smartphone :oops: - I'll then be able to visit the WalkLakes website and look at the mapping page when I'm out and about. :)

Best regards,

By SheepFarmer on 03/09/21 at 8:39am

Mike & Paul

I was late to the smartphone world but am a convert for certain things. My main mapping app on my phone is Oruxmaps & with a chunk of work have managed to get the Hill Database into it & coloured into 4 height steps, so with a tap on any hill I get pic 1 & a further tap on the pop up box I get pic 2. Having seen Pauls demo it's something similar but we'll have to wait to see how far it goes but I can see that for finding things having your distance shown (I've blacked out mine) from the selected object would be usefull for finding them as we have a benchmark that's rather hidden on farm building. All I need now is to get the Waymaps into it as it takes online mapping & it will be even better.

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