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By David Young on 21/07/20 at 11:50am

why can I no longer download routes as a GPX file. A message comes up saying I don't have the app yet I was able to do downloads what has changed

By TallPaul on 21/07/20 at 11:55am

Hi, sorry about that. Should be fixed now.

By David Young on 26/07/20 at 8:39am

I'm still unable to download GPX files. When I try it asks me to download an app do I need to do this or I'm doing something wrong

By TallPaul on 26/07/20 at 8:48am (last edited 26/07/20 at 8:50am)

I see that the last browser you were using was Edge on Windows 10. I assume that's where you're seeing this issue?

I've just tried it and I'm seeing this first at the bottom left corner of my browser:

and then, if I click on "Open file", I see this:

Is that what you're seeing?

By TallPaul on 26/07/20 at 11:30am (last edited 26/07/20 at 11:40am)

It looks to me like what's going in here is that Microsoft are now trying to be "helpful" by emphasising opening the file over saving it. They're not offering you a save dialogue at all but instead saving the GPX in your Downloads folder without asking first and then offering to open it, and of course you, like me, what no application on your PC to open it with.

However if you click the three dots to the right of that dialogue you will get an option to "Show the folder" as this screen shot illustrates:

and that shows you where they've put it. Chrome now does the same thing however Firefox does still offer a full save dialogue, as this screen shot shows:

Anyway, as you can see, this seems to be a combination of Windows and Edge having changed behaviour in an unhelpful way and I suspect you're stuck with it.

At least the GPX is still being saved so you can find it in Downloads and then export it to your GPS (or wherever) from there.

By David Young on 27/07/20 at 3:41pm

problem resolved thank you

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