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By Matthewdl on 05/01/21 at 10:28am

Have I done something stupid or have your maps suddenly lost the rights of way designation with a green colour? The map I see at present has only got cycle routes marked with green spots and all paths are shown with a black dotted line. Cheers, Matthew Lovering

By TallPaul on 05/01/21 at 10:38am

I think that's me causing confusion. The default tiles when you enter our GPS mapping app are now WayMaps, not OS ... but the radio buttons are the top were reporting this incorrectly when you first went in.

This is now fixed.

And on WayMaps, where we have no access to rights of way data, all paths are shown with black dots. (They are more accurate however: sadly OS RoW paths often don't reflect the reality on the ground.)

By Matthewdl on 06/01/21 at 4:21pm

Thank you for that clarification. Cheers, Matthew

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