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By geoffmozz on 17/11/21 at 11:55pm

Is it possible to send a walklakes link to someone that will take them to a particular area with a particular map?

By TallPaul on 18/11/21 at 10:39am

Yes. The basics of this are that you right click on a location and a red marker appears thus:

The chain symbol, highlighted by the red arrow above, is then a link - in this case|523409|9 which will take anyone clicking it to the same location.

So that's the first part of your question.

The caveat is that it doesn't do the second part "with a particular map?" - it defaults to whatever map the user gets when they enter the app. However that is solved by our new mapping app, which has currently only been publicised to supporters but you're free to try (it will be replacing the current app very soon now). This has works in exactly the same way but the link produced includes the map layer.

So here for example is a link to the same location displayed in our new app and using the OS tile layer:

Try clicking that and you'll see what I mean.

By geoffmozz on 19/11/21 at 10:25am

That's helpful thanks. Much easier to link to a location than describe to someone where that spot is.

I didn't know about that functionality. I'm sure you've got it in the instructions somewhere but I clearly haven't read them enough!

By Lancashire Lad on 19/11/21 at 4:43pm

Likewise! - I too hadn't appreciated that this was available. - Will definitely come in handy! - (Thanks Paul and Beth).


By geoffmozz on 20/11/21 at 9:38am

Could we just have the url displayed all the time in the browser so that any map view was captured by copying it?

Like this view of Ben Nevis. The url constantly changes as the map is browsed.

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