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By pwb999 on 23/05/22 at 4:47pm


With the demise of Viewranger now replaced by OutdoorActive many are searching for an alternative mobile app - preferably free as well.

A comprehensive review is kindly provided by the Cumbria Soaring Club and the article is an excellent guide discussing in some detail the pros and cons of each provider.

As for myself I have settled on two - namely Organic Maps (Free) and Locus Maps (Basic is Free then Silver and Gold paid options)

Organic Maps is run by the original team behind the widely used Maps.me. They provide an AD free interface and the standard maps are all OSM derived. GPX routes have to converted to KML which using Babel is not an issue. The app works well and includes a Terrain layer with some contours (but no OS ones). The big advantage to other apps is the ease of importing larger KML/KMZs files. I have numerous large KMZs including a KMZ version of the excellent GB Hill Database. Each KML layer can be turned on and off as required so that you can tailor the display to some extent. They have also embedded the Wikipedia pages for all those summits available within the map so you can access such information without internet access. So far the app seems very stable, its completely offline with good support from its developers. And the ability to download just a single country or region eg North West England - Lancaster (43MB) keeps the storage footprint minimal.

Locus Maps has a nice clean simple interface. Simple and clear to use. It can use offline and online maps. For hiking purposes their vector maps purposes can be displayed to emphasise those features of most importance to walkers eg paths, gates, stiles etc. You can import their England map or use the excellent maps at https://www.openandromaps.org/en/downloads/europe. Of particular interest is the Lake District map. This is just 36MB and combined with their Hiking Theme its a small but comprehensive OSM map. Please note that the openandromaps site also has a collection of Themes that can also be downloaded. Many use the Elevate Theme which enables the user to change the display dependent on what activity they are engaged in. Its a neat way to customise the map display. See Themes

There are many other providers - Orux, OSMAnd, Fatmaps, OS Maps to explore and of course the paid for OutdoorActive app.

Hope this may help others

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