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By TallPaul on 13/07/22 at 2:28pm (last edited 13/07/22 at 2:29pm)

At the request of lentilbake you can now use the "Go to:" box in the GPS mapping app to go to a WGS84 grid reference location.

Enter latitude and then longitude seperated by a comma. Enter them as simple decimal numbers (so no minutes and seconds, we're not that clever, yet) and remember that western longitudes should be negative.

So if, for example, you enter "54.5913, -3.1448" in the "Go to:" box and click the "go" button it will take you to Derwent Isle on Derwent Water.

By lentilbake on 14/07/22 at 8:02am

Thankyou! That's really useful for locating Google Photos using this format. Also good for Geocache locations if you're into that (you can use Google Maps to convert from the minutes and seconds format).

Keep up the good work!

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