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By ThinArthur on 29/08/16 at 1:00pm

TallPaul, You've asked previously for suggestions for enhancements. One thought I've had for a feature that I would be moderately interested in, but potentially others much more so, would be the ability to log trig points in much the same way as the feature you have enabled to log tops (which is excellent).

I'd suggest a key audience and source of the necessary database would be here: http://trigpointing.uk/

On a completely separate topic, I've been meaning for a while to purchase one of your WalkLakes T-shirts,but last few times I've looked I've only got a partial webpage (https://www.walklakes.co.uk/shop.html) - is this a glitch or are they out of stock at the moment?



By TallPaul on 29/08/16 at 5:07pm

Hi Paul,

TallPaul wrote:

Just one thing puzzling me now.
At the time of typing this, I can see the following text at the beginning of my original post of the thread: -

Oh my, that's impressive. That's a bug. I think what's happened there is that someone started posted a walk report but then didn't complete it but your post has picked up the remnants. I need to look at that as it's our bespoke. Another little job to do.

Yes, If I go to that original post and click "edit" that text isn't there, so can't be edited out at my end. Obviously a little bug hidden in the system somewhere. If this was the first time it's happened, it doesn't look to be too serious a problem though. Hopefully, it will be something that's easily found and remedied.

I thought I'd read somewhere on the site that image quality may be affected if the software did the resizing, and that it was preferable to resize images to 690 pixels maximum width before uploading?

Mmmm ... maybe so. It's using imagemagick to do the re-sizing. You can probably do better with your own tools but, as you say, it does save you a job. The post I'd read about image resizeing was this one: - :D

This first one I've resized to 690 pixels wide before uploading: - [Image Resized to 690 pixels wide](ATTACHMENT 1)

This second one was uploaded at 1250 pixels wide. (My standard resize for upooading elsewhere): - [Image Uploaded at 1250 pixels wide](ATTACHMENT 2)

Mea culpa. This is the first phpBB forum I've ever managed and I confess I'd not realised there was the potential to limit the number of images in a post (it appears to default to 3).

I've now changed it to 99. I've also tweaked a couple of other parameters in image uploading which would have bitten us later. . . .

Regards your tweaks to image upload parameters, (you may already have it set higher), but possibly worth mentioning that on the site where I'm a moderator (UK Fungi), we initially experienced a lot of problems when people were trying to upload photos because the phpBB software's default maximum file-size for image upload was quite small. The parameter was changed to 400KB maximum, and we've had no problems since. (We thought that 400KB file-size max. was a reasonable compromise when asking people to ensure that their upload images were not excessively large, but was large enough to allow the upload of good quality images.

Best regards, Mike.

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