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By TallPaul on 15/06/17 at 11:26am

My apology to recent supporters BobF, davejb43, pete+penmon+maps, Allex Jenkinson, pkelden, MichaelWatkinson, CCM450rider,pringledude, and jpoirrette who have been unable to post here since becoming supporters.

After a lot of head scratching and discussion here at WalkLakes Towers and with the help and patience of Oli R C (who was the first to report this issue) we have now tracked down what was going on and it should be resolved, both for all of you and for future supporters.

And our thanks to Oli R C.

By Oli R C on 15/06/17 at 5:13pm

Testing, testing, 123. :lol:

All good. Thanks for sorting it out. Pleased to have been of assistance. :D

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