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By TallPaul on 24/12/17 at 2:23pm

Hopefully by now all supporters will have an email from us about our new 3D mapping (and if you've not then check that your email address is up to date). You can find details in tomorrow's blog post here but essentially it looking like this using WayMaps tiles:

Walk from Kinlochleven (WayMaps)

And this using aerial photography:

Walk from Kinlochleven (aerial)

The email tells you how to look at this working live and we'd be interested in knowing if it works for you and what you think if it. You can do that either by commenting to this post or email us as

And have a good Christmas!

By Lancashire Lad on 24/12/17 at 4:01pm

Just had a play with the online 3D sample maps linked in the email I received, and both Waymaps and Aerial versions seem to be working ok for me.

I'm using a reasonably fast Windows 10 desktop PC. Left mouse button held down moves the amount of "3D Angle" and drags the map around. Right mouse button held down drags map left or right and/or towards and away (always at the same angle of view). Scroll wheel zooms the map in and out. (at whatever angle of 3D was previously set by the left mouse button).

Can't actually do anything with the (purple) track. i.e Clicking or double clicking on it doesn't highlight the track or bring up any details, (name/route length/time/ascent etc. ), as would be the case if using Garmin Basecamp software with a Garmin GPS - but I don't know whether that is meant to happen or not.

One initial comment would be whether the compass at top left corner might be somehow revised so that the letters (and parts of the graphic itself) don't disappear when its over a black background.

All in all, another great addition to the WalkLakes website, and should come in very handy!

A couple of screenshots from my PC, taken whilst I was playing with the sample maps: -

Regards, (and a Happy Christmas everybody!), Mike.

By wintonian on 24/12/17 at 5:09pm

Thanks for this.

It looks good in waymaps.

However, it will not load in the aerial photograhy view, due to some issues with webgl.

Chromium tells me it's not installed, so that's likely to be something I need to investigate. Firefox on the other hand works with the opengl test page, but I get stuck on the black "loading" part when trying the aerial photography view.

Graphics card: Radeon HD 6850 (using the open source radeon driver)

Firefox: 57.0.1

Fedora: 4.14.5-300.fc27

Oh, and both work on my Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus, running android 7.1.2.

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