New Website - No facility for parameters or Hills walked on Walk Reports?

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By Lancashire Lad on 18/05/19 at 3:37pm (last edited 18/05/19 at 3:41pm)


I've just uploaded my first walk report since the new website software went live: -

I noticed when compiling the report that there are none of the usual "header" parameters to enable input of start date, distance, ascent, etc. etc. (see screenshot below).

Also, although the statement "Hills Walked: check all the hills which you topped . . . . . " is there, the scrollable list, used for ticking off the hills summited is not.

NB: I took the screenshot after I'd completed writing the report and adding the gpx file and photos etc., but before finally clicking "save" to place the report on the forum. (But once the walk report is saved, the items mentioned still don't become available).

Are these features yet to be implemented on the new software, or am I missing something obvious?


By TallPaul on 18/05/19 at 5:02pm

That's odd, that was working. Hmmm ... I take a look.

By TallPaul on 18/05/19 at 6:56pm

OK, I've worked out what happened. It's because the name of your GPX file was "Blencathra & Skiddaw - 12-05-19.gpx" and it was that ampersand which was causing the trouble.

I've now tweaked the code to cope so if you go back and edit the post, click on the right hand most button (upload an image or GPX) to reveal the attachments bar, delete the GPX attachment, and then add it again (no need to change the filename as it will cope with that now) and the headers will magically be filled in.

Then you'll just need to re-insert the (new) attachment into the top of your walk report.

By Lancashire Lad on 18/05/19 at 7:06pm

Thanks Paul,

I've now done that, and, as you say, all the info is now showing.

Regards, Mike.

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