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By TallPaul on 23/12/19 at 11:20am

As you probably know you can use our web site to record the hills you have "bagged" in your log book but we've been thinking about what else we can do for you in terms of logging and we've come up with the idea of activity logging.

Essentially we can log your activity based on the GPXs you upload both to the GPS mapping app and to walk reports in our forum and so that's what we've done.

We also have all your historic GPXs so we've been able to populate your log book with all your existing activity, and any GPXs you upload from now on will automatically add to your activity in your log book.

I've created a video introducing this facility so if this is something that you think might interest you then I suggest you start there before going to your logbook and seeing what's changed for you.

As you know we offer new facilities to supporters first both as a way to say thank you for your support and so that you get the first opportunity to influence how the facility evolves so this new activity log is currently only visible to supporters.

This is very much a first release. Things we're thinking about adding include

You may well have some thoughts on all of this and on how we could improve it in the future.

If you do then please post those thoughts here for us and other supporters to see.

By SheepFarmer on 24/12/19 at 8:19am

Can we have the distance in miles please ?

By TallPaul on 24/12/19 at 11:24am

OK, we can do that.

[FX: clickity click]

Done. :D

By SheepFarmer on 06/01/20 at 8:39am


Something odd has started happening when I upload tracks to add to my logbook - I added 22/11/13 Lodge Moor and all well, but the 3 subsequant tracks on 23/11/13 to 24/11/13 have come out odd see pics. They are fine in GPX uploads as tracks on the map. Have tried clearing cache, swapping browser & restarting pc but no change.


By TallPaul on 06/01/20 at 9:01am

What exactly is odd? I can see two potential issues but without knowing precisely what you were expecting I'm not sure how to proceed.

By SheepFarmer on 06/01/20 at 2:02pm

What I've pressumed is a problem is when I load what seems to be most of the tracks I've tried, up pops the Update Log Book box & for a sec or two it says scanning in it, so far so good? but ends up blank, (first pic in previous post) whereas shouldn't it show details & a check box for tops climbed, I thought it may be to do with tracks with no tops on, but it did it with a walk over Bleaklow in the peak district. The track is then added to my GPS mapping list ok & to the Activity list but with grayed map sheet names - but is this actually correct & what it does when no hills are selected or found (second pic). I tried with a track already in a walk report & it scanned it & only offered me a nearby top I hadn't gone up, does it exclude previously selected tops if you reload a file? Or could it be something to do with my GPX files?

By TallPaul on 06/01/20 at 4:44pm

OK, there's two things going on here.

The first is (or rather was) a bug. If it doesn't find any tops to add it should close the popup and it wasn't doing that. It is now.

The second is because, as you suspected, it excludes previously logged tops (so it doesn't keep nagging you every time you re-load the track).

Anyway thanks, as ever, for the bug report!

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