Displaying uploaded gpx files - can Track Name be shown?

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By GDAS24 on 03/07/20 at 8:52pm

As a Supporter, I'm able to see my uploaded gpx files ordered by Routes and then Tracks.

For Routes, it displays the Route Name, but for Tracks it doesn't appear to be set up to show the Track Name.

Would this be possible?


Graham Smith

By TallPaul on 04/07/20 at 10:21am

I'm sure we could do something. When you say 'Track Name' are you putting a name into the track GPX via your GPS or are you thinking of the filename of the GPX you're uploading? I think it would potentially be possible for us to log either, or indeed both.

By GDAS24 on 04/07/20 at 7:34pm

thanks for responding so quickly Paul.

Some of my tracks are routes converted to tracks, so I guess in that case the route name becomes the track name. In other cases, where the track is as you suggest a recording on a device, I can fairly easily edit the track name using utilities such as Basecamp.

But file name could probably give me the information I want (assuming I name the file sensibly).

If you could add both that would be ideal, if space means you can only add one then I think filename would be my preference.

thanks again,


By TallPaul on 04/07/20 at 10:34pm

OK, I think filename would be more generally useful and I think that this has been suggested before. Anyway I'll add it to my list if it's not already on there.

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