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By TallPaul on 12/07/20 at 10:27am (last edited 12/07/20 at 11:59am)

For a long time now the email to new supporters has promised

We are always looking at what else we might add in future including: [...]

  • the ability to have the aerial photography and map layers both visible at the same time with one overlaying the other and being partially transparent (of varying opacity)

Well, we've finally got that working (it's been a struggle).

If you're logged in as a supporter and you are using Bing map tiles then a new check box appears labelled 'Overlay' thus:

Click on that and you get Bing aerial photography over the top of the OS map and you can use the scroll wheel to adjust the opacity of the video.

Some notes:

  1. This currently only works with Bing aerial photography over Bing OS (it's a projections issue) so it doesn't work in Ireland as you've no base map.

  2. You need to switch to Bing aerial photography at least once before this will work. You will get a popup message if you attempt this before doing that.

  3. As it uses the scroll wheel to vary the opacity zooming is disabled while the overlay is active so if you need to change zoom turn it off, change zoom, then turn it on again.

There's a brief video of me explaining it here and my usual apologies for the audio quality. Also note that I talk about a "getting a message" and you don't see the message in the video - this seems to be an artifact of the video capture program I'm using.

Anyway as usual feedback is welcome either here or directly meanwhile we'll be moving on to the next thing on the list.

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