Elevation Profile tool - suggestion to add Elapsed Time

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By pwb999 on 22/05/21 at 4:19pm

Dear all,

I really like the way the profile tool which shows your distance and height along an uploaded Track gpx.

Would it be possible to add your Elapsed Time as well.

For instance in this image it shows my walk from NDG via Marks Gate to Harrison Stickle. The graph shows the distance and height but if it included the Elapsed time it took that would be very useful for my personal records of progress.

I am sure that others would be interested to know how long it took to get to a particular point.

Thanks again, Peter B.

By TallPaul on 23/05/21 at 8:46am

That's a good suggestion. I think I'd like actual date and time too. I'll add it to the list.

By TallPaul on 23/05/21 at 10:34am (last edited 23/05/21 at 10:37am)

Having had a quick look at the code doing exactly what you want may take a little while but there is a simple way I can give you something similar now so I've done that.

If you load a GPX track and then switch to "track mode" it displays a yellow "walker" which you can move up and down the track either clicking on the track at a point or using the mouse scroll wheel to "walk" down the track. That used to only display the local time at the point at which the walker was displayed. It now also shows the elapsed time.

I've done a quick video showing that in action and you can find that here (best viewed in full screen mode, and apologies for the audio quality).

So that at least gives you a way of seeing the elapsed time at any point and I will add the way you suggested in a future release.

By TallPaul on 23/05/21 at 11:16am

My goodness but I'm on a roll this morning. Having done the change above and had a cup of tea it occurred to me that I may, after all, be able to do what you wanted, so here's a screen shot of the profile ... with elapsed time!

By pwb999 on 24/05/21 at 12:44pm


Excellent work. Seems to work very well.

I like to review my track data to see what the various "splits" in the track reveal. Its great to have some real world information about how long a particular leg of a route took me as we all have differing walking speeds and its good to see if we have improved or not over time. Another aspect is gradient. I like to use the route tool to determine the gradient so I can compare different routes

. I can then judge whether one route is preferable to another especially if I prefer to avoid a very steep descent. Your 3D tool is also great to visualise that aspect too

Many thanks again, Peter B.

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