Langdale Pikes (inc. Jack's Rake)

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By Lancashire Lad on 26/08/16 at 11:49am

Hills walked:
Pavey Ark (Wainwright, Birkett, Nuttall, Fellranger, and Synge)
Harrison Stickle (Wainwright, Birkett, Hewitt, Nuttall, Fellranger, Synge, Sim, and Tump)
Pike of Stickle (Wainwright, Birkett, Hewitt, Nuttall, Fellranger, Synge, Sim, and Tump)
Martcrag Moor (Synge)
Date started:15/08/2016
Distance:13.0 km or 8.1 miles
Ascent:884m or 2900ft
Descent:886m or 2907ft
Start OSGB:NY294064
Time taken:7:46

It had been quite a few years since I last did Jack's Rake, so I decided to include it in my plans for another walk in what must be my favourite part of the Lake District - Langdale. Starting from the National Trust car park adjacent to Stickle Barn, I followed the (for the most part) now pitched path up to the dam at Stickle Tarn. After the fifty minute pull up to the dam, and a short break for a drink and the obligatory photos of Pavey Ark across Stickle Tarn, I contoured leftwards around the tarn, and up the faint scree slope path leading to the start of Jack's Rake. Although there were several people to be seen around the tarn, and a few tiny "ants" on top of Harrison Stickle, I had Jack's Rake all to myself. From bottom to top, with a leisurely break for lunch on the first terrace, no one on the rake but me. The rake was much as I'd remembered, although I do recall one particularly awkward "bad-step", (I think, somewhere near the second Rowan), which was now no longer there? - Perhaps in the intervening years there had been some rock-fall or whatever, but the route, whilst still requiring a few strenuous moves here and there, care on the inevitable wet sections, and when pulling up on holds, (there are some loose rocks to contend with), remains pretty straight-forward. Once at the top of the rake, it was onwards to Pavey Ark summit, and then across to Harrison Stickle, Pike Of Stickle, and across Martcrag Moor to pick up the Stake Pass path. (Despite having done countless walks in this neck of the woods previously, I'd never actually walked across Martcrag Moor before!). Following the Stake Pass path, via Langdale Combe, back down to valley level, the last leg of the walk was along the length of Mickleden, and finally the "across the fields" footpath from the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel back to the car. - Another great day in the Lakes!

GPS track of the route. (The text box may not be readable at the size at which the image is displayed here, but only contains my abridged route description).

GPS track of the route.

Approaching the Langdales. - Taken from roadside near Elterwater.

The Langdales from Elterwater area.

Pavey Ark across Stickle Tarn. - Taken whilst standing on the dam wall.

Pavey Ark across Stickle Tarn

Pavey Ark across the tarn. - Taken from shore path on the way round to start of Jack's Rake.

Pavey Ark across the tarn.

Looking up to the first Rowan tree on Jack's Rake.

Looking up to the 1st. Rowan on Jack's Rake.

What better place for lunch! - Yours truly on the "balcony" below the chock-stone, on Jack's Rake.

Yours Truly on the balcony on Jack's Rake.

Looking back down to Stickle Tarn from the "second balcony" just above the chock-stone.

Looking back down, from above the chock-stone.

Looking back down to Stickle Tarn from the final terrace before the exit slabs on Jack's Rake.

Stickle Tarn from the final terrace.

The view towards Langdale from near the top of Jack's Rake exit slabs.

View from the exit slabs.

Looking across to Harrison Stickle from Pavey Ark summit area.

Harrison Stickle from Pavey Ark.

Looking back to Pavey Ark and Stickle Tarn from Harrison Stickle.

Pavey Ark from Harrison Stickle.

Looking back to Harrison Stickle, Loft Crag, and Gimmer Crag, from Pike Of Stickle summit.

Harrison Stickle, Gimmer Crag, etc.

Looking back up the Stake Pass, from the head of Mickleden valley.

Looking up Stake Pass.

Pike of Stickle from head of Mickleden.

Pike Of Stickle.

Pike of Stickle from Mickleden.

Pike of Stickle.

Regards, Mike.

By Lancashire Lad on 31/08/16 at 12:13pm

Prompted by Beth, (on my "Helvellyn by the edges" walk report), I've uploaded the gpx track of this walk below, so that it too, appears in the Walk Lakes standard format: -

Regards, Mike.

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