Fairfield Horseshoe from Ambelside

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By pmitch on 30/10/20 at 4:57pm

The directions I bought weren't very good and out of date. A more thorough description of the path up to Low Pike with the ability to walk to the left of the wall -which is far better than trying to get around the boggy bit - would be helpful to first timers.

By beth on 31/10/20 at 10:48am

Thank you for the feedback.

This walk is rated a 5, for which we expect a little experience to overcome any difficulties due to conditions on the day, which you did by crossing to the west side of the wall. At the time of survey I didn't think that was appropriate, nor push people to the rocky step close to the wall on the east side as some people will also find that difficult. I felt it better to keep on the path and risk the boggy section. This was rather easier than expectation, especially given I hate peat bogs. Having fallen in a bog up to my waist in the past such aversion lasts a long time.

We talk about the boggy bit in the intro:

The east side of the Low Pike to High Pike section of the east ridge can be particularly boggy. There is a sign: "Warning Deep Bog". We're not sure its advice to head for the wall is for the best. A wide skirt below the patch, away from the wall may be better, perhaps. Or as we did thread a meandering line testing each footstep carefully lest a foot disappeared into the peat followed rapidly by the rest of us.

I'll expand stage 2 of the walk instructions and add your suggestion that it is possible to cross to the west side of the wall.

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